Fiesta 2024

A record $125,000 was donated during the annual fundraising gala to benefit children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras. A crowd of 245 supporters rose to their feet in a lengthy ovation for MdL National Director Sara Castellanos, who made her first trip from Honduras to the United States. Two native Hondurans now serving on the MdL Board of Directors — Alexis Lopez of Texas and Erika Lopez of California — also inspired the audience by connecting U.S. support with impact on lives in Honduras.


Home Sweet Casa 2023

Our fall 2023 fundraiser brought in nearly $30,000! Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign to provide new mattresses, sheets, bedding, dressers and other items to refurbish our Mountain of Light in Honduras. It had been a long time since we’ve replaced a lot of items at MdL, including our youth’s bedroom furniture and comfort items.

We are amazed and humbled by the result, and thankful for all of the ways our donors continue to support our loved ones in Honduras.


Fiesta 2023

The gala brought in more than $110,000 to support youth and families in Honduras. More than 200 MdL supporters gathered in April 2023 at St. Charles Preparatory School in Bexley for dinner, a silent auction, video updates from Honduras and more.

Fiesta 2022

More than 200 friends of Montaña de Luz gathered for Fiesta in April 2022. The gala at St. Charles Preparatory School in Bexley raised more than $100,000 for our work in Honduras. Gracias for your generosity!

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